Welcome to Press Pass

An Initiative from NewsBrands Ireland - Supported by Twitter

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Welcome to Press Pass, an Initiative from NewsBrands Ireland

NewsBrands Ireland is the public face of Ireland’s newspaper industry, representing 10 publishers and the print/online editions of 16 national newspapers.

As part of its agenda, NewsBrands Ireland is committed to improving literacy levels in Ireland, particularly among younger people and students. Youth literacy is also a priority for Government, and has been identified as a “major goal” by the Department of Education.

Newspapers have been used as a supplementary educational tool for many years, with studies from around the world showing they can help to develop children’s reading, writing and critical thinking skills.

In 2012 NewsBrands Ireland devised a new Newspapers in Education (NiE) initiative aimed at Transition Year students and designed to support its own, and the Government’s, youth literacy objectives by getting more students reading newspapers. That initiative is Press Pass.

Register for Press Pass

Register your school here for the Press Pass Competition.

Closing date for registration is 6thNovember 2017

Below are the key dates for delivery of workbooks and newspapers to your nominated newsagent.

It is important that you speak with your newsagent to advise them of the dates and please also ensure that you collect the papers from the shop. Otherwise, the newsagent will return them to the distributor.

Monday, 20th November 2017 – Workbooks and newspapers will be delivered to your nominated newsagent for collection by the school.

Please note that it is up to the school to decide which weeks they will do Press Pass in the school.  The newspapers can be used at any point; the workbook is not specific to particular editions of the newspapers.

Competition – The closing date for entry to the Press Pass competition is February 28th 2018

Awards Ceremony – The awards ceremony takes place in Dublin in April 2018

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