Different Writing Styles

Through the Press Pass programme, students become familiar with the five language types which form the basis of study for Leaving Certificate English Paper One in a very practical way; the languages of Information, Argument, Narration, Persuasion as well as the Aesthetic Use of Language.

Press Pass also introduces students to a variety of texts – among them interviews, news reports, feature articles, sports commentary etc. By reading these texts students will become alert to different language registers and styles and will gain an awareness of language in context.

News report

A news report is an article with the key facts of a story, including quotes from people involved, written in the third person without giving the writer’s opinion. Read this News Report and ask the students to bullet point the factual details in the story.


A Feature is a story that is less time-sensitive and may go more in-depth to build up a picture or analyse a situation and talk about the writer’s opinions or experiences. Sometimes these are written by experts or feature an interview.

Read these examples of Feature. Ask the class to list three feelings which the feature articles evoke in them.


The section of the paper or website where there are articles expressing opinions, the leader column, letters and corrections and clarifications. Read some of these examples from the Opinon pages. Get the students to choose three words or phrases that indicate how the journalist is adding their analysis/opinion to a story. Did the Opinion piece strike a chord with them or challenge their beliefs?

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