How to create a school newspaper

Before you even begin to plan the classroom newspaper, ensure the students have plenty of examples of local and national newspapers to hand to gain inspiration on layout and style.

These newspapers provide information on many topics in a variety of ways. News
stories tell you what’s happening on local, national and international scenes.
Feature stories expand your knowledge of social issues and events. Opinion columns and
editorials provide arguments and debate on controversial topics. Advertising, which is
space paid for by brands and businesses, provides important information about goods and
services available in your area. Newspapers have several objectives: to inform, interpret
and entertain.

Over to you!

Have a class meeting to discuss your new School Newspaper

Discuss a name for your newspaper. You might hold elections to determine
the newspaper name.

Layout & Design: How many pages will your newspaper have? How many columns in each page? Or would you prefer to create a digital newspaper using a programme such as WordPress. Here is a nice example of what one school did : Moyne Community College

You could use one of the following to find a newspaper template:


Plan the sections you will have in your newspaper and who will be the editor
for each section.

Discuss different roles: e.g.

Who will write what stories?

Who will check the stories for spelling, grammar and punctuation?

Who will take the photos or draw cartoons/illustrations?

If you are making a digital newspaper, do you intend to use video or audio? Who will do that?

Establish deadlines so your class paper is ready in time for the Press Pass competition ( 19th of March 2024).

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