Why Journalism Matters & Media Ethics

Pages 4 & 5 set in context why journalism matters to society and why it is important in today’s world. Read and discuss.

Open up a discussion with students about the news sources they use (TV, news websites, family and friends, social media, etc) and the comparable trustworthiness of these sources.

Ask the class the following questions and write their answers on a flip chart.

Why is it important to understand the types of information we encounter?

What rules and guidelines should journalists aspire to when reporting a news story, and why?

What makes an issue or event “news”? Who decides?

Optional Activity to help prompt and guide discussion:

Read and discuss the National Union of Journalist’s Code of Conduct and the Press Council of Ireland’s Code of Practise. Did the students identify any of these in the earlier discussion? Are there any other rules and guidelines they would add?

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